Last Saturday (22nd October 2022), we held our first Nursing Open Day here at IMC Locums. It was a huge success and it was so lovely to see so many new and familiar faces. The IMC Marketing team sat down with organiser Helena Bongiorno to find out more about the day.

Who was the Nursing Open Day for?

“The day was for new and existing candidates. New candidates could come along and take the opportunity to be registered. Existing candidates were welcome to come along and finish their registration or simply say hello and meet their consultants in person.

I speak to my candidates more than I speak to my own family! But some I’ve never met them before, so it was a nice opportunity to put a face to the name. One candidate walked through the door we instantly ran up and gave each other a big cuddle. It was really nice.”

Where did the idea of an Open Day come from?

“Our Associate Director, Jason Brown initially came up with the idea and I ran with it. I used to do a lot of open days in the past and they are so good because meeting in person and establishing that relationship makes such a difference. It’s also easier to talk them through the work that we have and what they need to be compliant.”

What was the plan for the day?

“We had spoken to a lot of candidates in advance to get them booked in and allocate time slots but the day was also quite flexible. The space was split into 2 areas. There was a section with computers set up for candidates to complete their compliance training and we had all the forms printed off, every questionnaire, all ready to go.

The other section was great for existing candidates to catch up with us and chat about the work but also anything and everything else. We had drinks and food laid out to make it a nice chilled atmosphere.”

Who was invited?

“We invited new and existing candidates. We encouraged them to bring along their friends to register with us as well so that we could really show them our IMC Family way of working.”

What was the feedback?

“The feedback has been amazing, we had some candidates stay for the entire duration just enjoying chatting and catching up. The vibe was really lovely and chilled, there were laughs and everyone seemed really happy. Candidates have said how happy they are to be working with us which is always lovely feedback to receive.”

Will you be doing more?

“Absolutely. The plan at the moment is do one every quarter for our candidates and plan them in various locations so those candidates located in other parts of the country can attend more easily.”

How can candidates get in touch to work with you?

“They can contact me either via email on, through the office number on 0203 473 2430 or via my work mobile 07393 810838.”